Rotuman Music

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Rotuman Chants & Hymns

by Churchward Chapel Choir

Traditional Rotuman Chants

  • Sua: Kapa Roa‘ia Se Laloga
  • Sua: Tätäve Ta Forau
  • Tiap Hi
  • Tiap Forau
  • Kaläe Ta

Lali or Wooden Drum Beat (by Vilisoni Fauoro)


  • RHB 143 (music by Saverina Taito, words by C.M. Churchward)
  • RHB 140 (music by Jone Tevita, words by Ieli Irava)
  • RHB 306 (music by Foraete Elaise, words by E.M./F. Pene)
  • RHB 209 (music by Jone Solvalu, words by Rev J.M. Vamarasi)
  • RHB 304 (music by Foraete Elaise, words by Makareta Wave)

Churchward Chapel Choir conducted by Samuela Taukave. Produced by Karl Neuenfeldt & Nigel Pegrum (Central Queensland University).

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The Churchward Chapel Choir


Rotuman Music

Songs and Albums