Atoll Recording, was established in December 2003, by Savea Khan to record and promote Rotuman music. Fara songs of Rotuma Vol.1 was recorded in late 2003 and has 14 songs.

The artists on this CD are from the Kelepi clan of Rotuma: Aunty Savea, niece Kiji Louey, nephew Toga Penasio, and nephew Varea Solvalu. The music is directed by Homer Fare and the sound engineer is Aberaham Khan. This CD was produced to revive old Rotumen fara songs in today's rhythms.

This album is on sale in Fiji at all S.P.R outlets. International customers can obtain a copy of the CD by sending a money order of Fj$40, which includes postage, with return address to:

Atoll Recording
P.O box 501,

Fax: 670-2009

Fara songs of Rotuma Vol.2 is being recorded and set to release in mid 2005. [12/04]

Sample sound clips:   Fuse La Mak     Ave Mai     La Se Maftoa