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Noa ‘ia ‘e mauri te’ ne o’o’‘i, hensasiga ma kainaga. ‘E reko mea’mea’ ne te ne haifaegag sin ma gou a’hae la na ag’eseaf rogrogo ‘e vahiag ne tauna’ ne Septempa.

Saturday 06 August 2011

‘Ua’ua ‘ak se ao selenet ne a’sok vah ne po ma sur’ak vah $1,000 se puk ne selene.

‘Omoe ao selenet ne ‘amnak la a’sok ‘e June la a’sok ‘e ran 20 ne Okosita.

Ho ‘am ‘e Kautauna’iag ne Itu’ Hifu la na a’hae se a’fo’ou ne foh ne Fiji Rotuma Association (FRA) ta.

Saturday 03 September 2011

‘Ua’ua ‘ak se te’ ne iris ne po ma leuof se ‘omoe aoselenet ne re ‘e ri ‘on o’fata Misau ma selenet ne po sir ‘e $400.

‘Iom kao kir’akit fu’ak la re e’ ran 10 ne hual te’ – agtau se A‘ite. Far’ak se o’o’ haina la osim ta sospenet la haiasoag se ‘amnak te’.

Ao selen fakmurit ne la re ‘e Okotopa la a‘sok tagarage sale ma le’et ho’am te ne ia ‘amnak la tog’aki. Selenet ne le’et po, ia la na ta vaegat se ao selen ne kautauna ‘iag ta. A’hae la a’sok ‘e Garden City ne lag pa ne University of the South Pacific ta. Ut ta la a’fumou ‘ak ‘e tauna’ ne Okotopa.

Taumak mumue ta la a’sok ‘e ran ta ne Okotopa – agtau se A’ite. La hil tape’ ma iris ne la osia kato’agat ne fai se 19 ne Novepa.

‘Amnak la iris he his la sakiroa foh ne mou se Kautauna’iag ne Itu’ Hifu ma kota rak’ak a’hae ne Oinafa se tauna’ ne Fiji Rotuma Association (FRA) ta.

Gagaja la alalum’ak te’ ne ‘is tutu ‘atakoa.


Greetings to all elders, relatives and friends. Due to the limited news items to be posted for August, I decided to send them together with items for September.

Saturday 06 August 2011

Our appreciation to the fundraising drive last month which collected $1,000 that has been deposited into the Bank Account.

The fund raising dinner that was intended for June is rescheduled to 20 August.

The Seven District Meeting requested that districts put forward submissions to the review the Constitution of the Fiji Rotuma Association (FRA).

Saturday 03 September 2011

We thank those who made it to the fund raising dinner at Misau’s home where we collected more than $400

A fund raising get together around a bowl of tanoa is organized for the 10th of this month and the ladies are requested to bring a pot of food each

The last fundraising event will be held in October with a garage sale where everyone may bring whatever they wish to sell. From their total sales a portion would be donated towards the collection. We hope to have this event either at Garden City or University of the South Pacific compound. The venue will be confirmed at the next meeting in October.

The first dance practice is scheduled to Saturday1st October. We hope to appoint those who will be tasked with organizing the 19th November event.

The meeting will appoint three members to consider the current Constitution then present their views which will be the Oinafa district submission to the FRA.

May God bless us all.

Tui Semesi
(Gagajat ne Mua’aki)