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18 July 2011, Suva Oinafa District Community Meeting (SODCM)

Noa‘ia ‘e mauri te’ ne o’o’‘i, hensasiga ma kainaga.

Tauna’ ne Itu’ ta ‘e hual te’ kat a’sok ra ‘e ran 2 ne Julai hun se aragvak ne soko ka agtauan se gasav ne tauna’ ta.

‘Omoe ao selenet ne ‘amnak la a’sok ‘e ran 25 ne June kat po ra la a’sok tape’ ma.
Kautauna ‘iag ne Lopta a’sok ‘oris tauna’ ta ‘e ran 9 ne Julai ma ‘ihua iria ne kautauna ‘iag ne Oinafa hil la osia kato ‘agat ne fu ‘ak se hual ne Novepa.

  • Rak’ak a’luak fu ‘ak ne te ne la a’sok ‘e kato’ag ta (Tae ‘e rogrog ne hual ne June)
  • Far ‘ak la o’o’ ma hensasiag ne Lopta la leuof se tauna’ ne Oinafa la po la garue ag’esea
  • La kamatan ta kau garueagat ‘e kautauna ‘iag ne Oinafa la sakiroa te ne la haisoag se ‘os famori e Fiti ma Rotuma

‘E ran 16 ne Julai, ia ne mua ‘akia kautauna ‘iag ta ‘e Suva ma iris his hoi ‘ak, la’ ma tauna’ ma hensasiag ne noh ‘e Nadi ‘e reko ‘amnakit ne mou se kato ‘ag ne Oinafa ‘e Novepa.

  • Fatiaki Misau rak’ak a’luak ‘amnak he his ne po la haiasoag se Itu’ ta Oinafa
  • Rorog ne rak’ak vah ‘e kautauna ’iag ne Suva, rak’ak tape’ ma se iris ‘e Nadi
  • Kautauna ‘iag ne Nadi hil o’fa ta Varea Susau la haisok ‘akigen haifaegaga ma kautauna ‘iag ta ‘e Suva
  • ‘E reko haiasoag fak selene, o’o’ ‘e Nadi rak’ak ne iris la os ta ‘oris vaegat la na se osiag ne kato’ag ta
  • Gagaj puer ne Oinafa ‘e Suva na ‘on ‘ua ‘ua ‘aki se hensasiag ma kainag ne Nadi ‘e ‘oris hanisi la haiasoag se te ne mou se ‘os Itu’ ta
  • Vahiag ne tauna’ ta, o’o’ ne Nadi os omoet ma tan matit het la teag ‘esea ma iris ne leum ‘e Suva.

‘Amis ‘ua‘ua‘ak a’ti’ se te’ ne hensasiag ma kainag ne hanis ma taria ‘amis ‘e kautauna ‘iag tutu ne mou se ‘os Itu’ ta Oinafa.

Gagaja la alalum’ak te’ ne ‘is tutu ‘atakoa.

********* Translation
Greetings to all elders, relatives and friends.

The district meeting scheduled for Sat 02 July did not convene due to unfortunate circumstances that happened during the week.

The fund raising dinner scheduled for Sat 25 June did not eventuate for the same reason.

The Lopta Meeting was held on Sat 09 July, and an invitation was extended to those selected by the Oinafa Meeting to organise the function in November.

  • A brief presentation on a program for the day (Details can be read in the June Report)
  • A request to members of the Lopta meeting to attend the Oinafa meeting for better cooperation
  • To initiate a work group within the Oinafa Meeting to assess and coordinate assistance for our people in Fiji and Rotuma.

On Sat 16 July, the Chairman of SODCM with other members went to meet with their counterparts in Nadi in regards to the Oinafa Day function in November.

  • Fatiaki Misau gave a brief summary on some of the projects planned for Oinafa District
  • The ideas and intended program as explained to the groups in Suva were presented to the Nadi Meeting
  • Varea Susau  was appointed by those in the meeting to liaise with representatives in Suva on related matters
  • As for the intended funds to be raised, elders in Nadi agreed to contribute their share for the preparations of the function within the coming months
  • The Chairman of SODCM thanked all relatives and friends in Nadi for their commitment and kind support for the District
  • After the meeting, dinner with drinks were served to share with those who came from Suva

We thank all relatives and friends who have been very kind to host us at different group meetings that belong to the district of Oinafa.
May God bless us all.

Tui Semesi
(Gagajat ne Mua’aki)