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From multiple sources (4 November 2007)

Selina Gilsenan
Selina Gilsenan in action

The World Netball Championships gets underway in Auckland on 10 November 2007. The tournament, which is held every four years, is predicted to be a two-horse race between reigning titleholders and hosts New Zealand, and eight time winners Australia.... Australia’s smaller but quicker team has got the better of the more physical Silver Ferns, bolstered in recent years by a host of players of Pacific ancestry such as Davu and Vagana among them. The Aussies have found a way around that with a style of offense designed to counter the physical Kiwis. The Australians have added a dose of Pacific steel of their own on the defensive end too with Mo'onia Gerrard of Tongan descent, and Selina Gilsenan, of Rotuman/Fijian descent, quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with since their came on the scene in 2005.

Selina is the daughter of Chris and Alisi Gilsenan. Alisi is from Itu'muta and Malhaha respectively. Selina's grandmother is Fuata Aisea from Itu`muta, whose parents are Selina (after whom Selina is named) and Aisea. Selina's grandfather is Aisea from Malhaha.

After a fabulous year playing in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy Premiership winning team in 2001, national selectors identified Selina’s talent and she received her first invitation to join the Australian Squad in 2002. However it wasn't until early 2005 that Selina received her first call up to the Australian open team, making her debut in a match against England, which Australia won by 40 goals.

A rib injury forced Selina out of Australian team contention for the next international test series, but she fought her way back into contention in late 2005, and has been a permanent member of the team ever since. She was one of Australia's best on court in a silver-medal-winning performance in the 2006 Commonwealth Games final, and after a sterling performance against New Zealand mid-year, cemented her position as Australia's first-choice wing defence.

One of netball's most consistent players, Selina is renowned for her speed and persistence, being nicknamed "the rash" by some opponents. She has been an integral member of the Sydney Swifts national league team since 2000, and has played a key role in their four premierships (2001, 2004, 2006 and 2007). She was named the best player on court in the 2007 grand final. A versatile player and natural athlete, Selina forms a formidable combination with fellow Australian representatives Liz Ellis and Mo'onia Gerrard, and rarely puts in a poor performance. Furthermore her great presentation and likeable nature make her a top ambassador for netball and Australian sport.


National Profile (from www.netball.asn.au): This former Cronulla local played her first game of netball at the age of ten because she wanted to play a team sport. Seventeen years later, Selina Gilsenan’s hard work and commitment has paid off with Selina becoming one of the best netballers in Australia. Selina’s consistent and outstanding performances as Wing Defence for the Sydney TAB Swifts, has made her a crowd favourite.

After a fabulous year playing in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy Premiership winning team in 2001, national selectors identified Selina’s talent and she received her first invitation to join the Australian Open Squad in 2002. Selina’s speed and persistence, combining with the formidable defensive line of Alison Broadbent and Australian Captain Liz Ellis, has kept her in the Australian selectors watchful eyes ever since.

After missing out on selection in the 2004 Australian Squad, Selina’s 2004 goal was “to get back into the Australian Open Squad by training hard and consistently playing my best with the Sydney TAB Swifts”. Her dedication and hard work was rewarded when she achieved her goal in January 2005. Selina, who had been a regular Australian Open Squad camp invitee during 2004, was offered a permanent position in the 2005 squad and the following month she made her debut in the Green and Gold against England on home soil.

2006 was another successful year for Selina who was named in the Australian Team to compete at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. She was also an integral member of the 2006 Commonwealth Bank Trophy premiership side, Sydney TAB Swifts, proving she is a true professional having to learn to play a new position on the court for the season.

Selina’s hard work, tenaciousness and fitness have cemented her spot in Australian netball for many years.