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From Fiji Times Online (29 May 2008)

Rotumans prepare for annual volleyball meet

by Geraldine Panapasa

The Fiji Rotuma Sports Council has decided to take sports to another level by forming a volleyball team to represent Rotuma at sports events in Fiji.

The move comes after members of the council agreed to form a men's and women's team from the annual Rotuman volleyball tournament in Latuoka this year.

President for the council George Atalifo said this was the first series of games for the year with rugby and netball competitions scheduled for October.

He said the main aim of the games was to foster unity and togetherness of Rotumans.

Atalifo said the two volleyball teams would include players from different affiliated clubs participating at this year's volleyball competition.

"The main aim of the games is to socialise, get together and have fun with our families and friends.

"This year, the council has agreed to form a men's and women's volleyball team to participate at national level competitions including the Fiji Games.

"Different teams will provide names of potential players and these players will go through trials before the final team is selected.

"The selection criteria is still on the discussion table but the move to form both teams has been welcomed by members of the council."

The two-day tournament begins tomorrow in Lautoka with 36 teams competing.