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From Fiji Times Online (8 June 2008)

Rotuma finishes second in Fiji Games

by Otilly Rabuku

Another Fiji Games has come and gone. This year there was a remarkable response from national federations which saw the inclusion of an additional ten sports.

The annual national sporting event organised by the Fiji Association of Sports & National Committee (FASANOC) featured 29 sports this year.

The wet weather in the central division during the week-long games failed to dampen spirits of sportswoman and sportsmen from enjoying the friendly rivalry of their organised competition.

Suva proved its dominance once again coming out on top of the medal tally with 85 gold medals.

Rotuma, stamping its mark in the swimming arena, finished in second place with 28 gold and Levuka doing very well in third place with 14 gold medals....

Rotuma dominated the [swimming] competition, clinching 21 gold medals with the national squad reps for the Oceania Championships starring in their respective events.

Members of the Oceania team that recorded impressive times included Carl Probert,Daniel Fong, Elaijie Erasito, Sam Maybin, Douglas Miller, David Dugucanavanua and Paul Elaisa, Courtney Pene, Charissa Panuve, Susau Elaisa and Tieri Erasito.