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From Fiji Times Online (12 October 2008)

Rotumans eye national spots

By Rashneel Kumar

THE Rotuman society in Fiji wants its players to be recognised and make it to national level in netball and rugby.

Fiji Rotuma Sports Association secretary Fefe Kafoa said they had potential players but are not been able to make cut in the national level.

"We want the sports to grow and move forward," Kafoa said.

"We are working together with the sports authorities to affiliate and operate as a sporting body". The association organised its annual sports day on Friday and saw many gathered to enjoy the day.

"This annual meet is mostly to socialise and bring the Rotuman community together," Kafoa said.

Netball and rugby were the only two sports played on the day as volleyball was held earlier in June. "There were three teams competing from Suva in rugby and netball. One was from Nadi and another came from New Zealand," Kafoa said.

Some Rotumans who have made their names for Fiji includes Graham Dewes, Samuela Anisi and Mosese Fatiaki (rugby) and Alfred Arapio (soccer).

Frank Atu also made his name in boxing, while Lorance Visanti is a national rep in powerlifting.