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From Fiji Times Online (5 April 2010)

Move over, Moeava takes center stage

LAUTOKA Blacks team member Hanisoko Micheal Moeava enjoys volleyball so much that he is thinking of making a career in the sport.

The national rep recently competed against the reigning defending Easter champions 2Day FM Suva at the Tattersalls Leisure Centre for the Easter Volleyball Championship.

His team fell to the might of Suva 2-1, however, they were evenly matched. The crowd of spectators cheered and booed either side and it completely seemed like a final.

The 24-year-old was one of the players that stood out in his team because of his brilliant performance and fast action in receiving spikes and this could have been a contributing factor towards him being a national squad member.

"Yes, it was a very tough match and the Suva team proved to be very strong. It was a challenge but it is always like this whenever we play against each other," Moeava said.
Moeava could be seen speeding around the court and then abruptly stopping to hit, jump or spike the ball to his opponents with great strength. These movements can be very dangerous for the body but a fit and well-trained athlete can handle such pressures and stress of sudden changes. There is no doubt why Moeava is in the national squad.

"I really have to always be prepared especially when playing against such strong teams," Moeava said.

Competitive teams master six basic skills: serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig. Each of these skills comprises a number of specific techniques.

The Rotuman lad from Itumuta Village on the beautiful island of Rotuma works in the sales and marketing department at the British American Tobacco company in Lautoka.

He has a cool personality but when on the court he is very alert and watchful. It is vital to always be prepared when on court

Although, he plays for Lautoka, Moeava was raised in Suva where he attended Cathedral Secondary School . He has two sisters and four brothers.

"I started playing for the Lautoka team when I went down to study at APTC and I just got hooked to the team. Then I started working in the west and well there really was no other choice but to play for the western team," he said.

He started playing volleyball when he was in high school.

"I really enjoy the sport and would love to become a coach in the near future. However, my first aim is to play more international games. I have been playing since I can remember but began to play competitive after I left school," he said.

He played in the SPG alongside Suva captain Wise Raratabu and to the Oceania Games and the South Pacific Games in Samoa. However, with volleyball being a minority sport in Fiji it is quite difficult to get funding and sponsorships for tours.

"It is very important that many of our players go overseas to experience international volleyball standards because that is the only way we can get recognised and make it big," said Moeava.
It is quite confusing why this sport has remained a minor sport in our country considering that more people play volleyball in our country than in any other minor sports.

However, the fact remains that it is a minor sport, hence, a challenging aspect to the players and the association.

Games are beautiful to watch when they are being played by professionals. And Moeava and his team were an awesome sight. The game against Suva was action-packed and pulsating.