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From Fiji Times Online (3 May 2010)

Peters eyes Youth Olympics

by Emoni Narawa

Louisa Peters, of Cook Islands, trains

COOK Islands ginger haired weightlifter Luisa Peters is confident of booking her spot at the upcoming Youth Olympics in Singapore next August.

The 16-year old who competed at the Weightlifting Commonwealth Games last year had a Rotuman connection from her paternal grandfather.

Peters will compete in the 75 kg plus in the women's division.

She said she had prepared herself very well for the past six months to compete against the best in the Oceania region.

"I'm very confident of qualifying for the Youth Olympics. It's going to be a dream come true for me and I have no doubt because I have done my part at training at home," Peters confidently said.

"It's not going to be a tough meet but I have nothing to loose because I want to accomplish what I'm here for. Australia and New Zealand athletes will provide a good competition but it's better to be confident in yourself that never."

Peters took up the sport two years ago through the inspiration of her grandma Rosaline Blake Bem.

"My grand mum introduced me to the sport and there was no looking back since I started lifting. I enjoyed it very much because I tend to travel a lot and meet a lot of new friends," she said.

Peters said he would want to visit Rotuma before returning to Cook Islands.

"My father's father is from Rotuma and I am willing to visit my home land before I return to Cook Islands." Fellow teammate Sirla Pera will also be in contention for a medal when the competition starts tomorrow.

She added competing in Fiji where she had family connections could boost her confidence to another level.

From Fiji Times Online (5 May 2010)

Cooks lass to show her class

LOUISA Peters is looking forward to showing her talent in front of her Fijian family when she comes out to take part in this week's Oceania Weightlifting Championship.

Peters, 17, is one of two lifters who will be representing Cook Islands in the four-day event being held in Suva.

Peters said her mother was from Rotuma but she was born and raised in the Cooks. [This statement is erroneous; see commentary below by Louisa's mother]

She said this was her first visit to Fiji and she was looking forward to coming out on stage during the women's competition tomorrow.

"I'm really happy to be here especially as I have some relatives who will be coming to watch me participate," Peters said.

"But while I know I have relatives here I've had no contact with them since arriving in Fiji."

Peters has been participating in the sport for three years and has represented Cook Islands to a number of international competitions.

She said she knew the standard of competition at the Oceania Championship will be tough but she had prepared well and she was looking forward to competing with the best in the region.

Peters said she was hopeful some of her relatives would be there to cheer for her.

My name is Teremoana Peters and I am the mother of Luisa Fatiaki Taitapu Peters, the young Cook Island/Rotuman Weightlifter in the above article.

Firstly, I must correct the article for incorrectly reporting that I am Rotuman. In fact I am a Cook Islander but my husband has a Cook Island mother and a Rotuman father, which is where Luisa gets her Rotuman blood. Her grandfather's name is Kikorio Peters and her father is Vincent Peters.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all upset or displeased to be called a Rotuman, but I feel that in such matters as a person's identity it is most important that the true and correct information is given.

Although she was born and raised in Rarotonga, as was her father, Luisa has always been proud of her Rotuman identity. Her Rotuman family (the Peters) have visited Rarotonga often and we have also connected with some here in Auckland, Fiji, Canada and Australia making her Rotuman roots very firmly planted in her. Both her father and Grandfather have always been dubbed "Bula's or Biskete" by the people back in the Cook's but Luisa has on many occasions corrected people that she is Rotuman and not Fijiian. Luisa's grandfather and grandmother were pioneers in setting up a Rotuman community in Rarotonga and for many years they hosted many Rotuman and Fijian people who came to Rarotonga either for sports, travel, work and those on the gas boats. This is a tradition that Luisa's dad and aunties and uncles have carried on, and a tradition that she too has become very involved in.

My husband and I have a goal of one day visiting Rotuma with Luisa, so that she and her father may walk on Rotuma, see its beauty, meet its people and live the culture of their Rotuman identity. When that day comes, we pray and hope that Rotuma will welcome with open arms two generations of its descendants returning home, and we look forward to that day.

Luisa had a very successful campaign in Fiji winning 4 silver medals and I would like on behalf on Luisa, her dad and grandad and all the family thank each and every one of you who have supported her in any way that you have done. The last time Luisa was in Fiji was some 17 years ago (still in my womb) and to return and collect 4 silver medals in only her 4th major weightlifting event. She also won bronze in Malaysia last year during the 2009 Senior and Junior Commonwealth Championship and 4th overall in the Pacific Games, Rarotonga. She is the first Cook Islands Female weightlifter, we are proud of her.