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From Fiji Times Online (19 May 2010)

Injury fails to deter Sorby

by Sera Whippy

LAST man down, or should it be woman, Cecelia Sorby says that she is willing and able to represent Fiji in the Pacific Cup Championships.

Being the National goal shooter, Sorby has a lot resting on her shoulders.

There is double pressure on her because she will be the final person to get that score etched on the board. She is the last woman to get it right.

Sorby is going to show the Pacific that injury or no injury she can make it and she is certainly going to represent her country to the best of her abilities.

The games will be in the Cook Islands in less then two weeks and although Sorby is injured, she is confident that when the time to perform comes she will be in top form.

Three weeks ago, Sorby tore her knee ligament while playing in the Suva Club Games.

She was down for a while and could not participate in the trials however, was given a spot in the National team.

She counts herself blessed for making it this far.

Straight out of last years Under-21 national squad, Sorby will be making her debut in the National squad at the end of this month.

Everyday you are sure to see this lanky part Fiji-Rotuman lass striding to the netball centre with a bag slung over her shoulders, ready to sweat her long limbs off under the glaring sight of their coach, Una Rokoura.

Her prayers and her training will all come to a final test at the championship as she will try to get every ball she receives into the hoop.

Since her injury, Sorby has been practicing non-stop on her shooting but after being recently cleared by the Netball physiotherapist; she has been on her toes with training.

The University of the South Pacific student is nervous but grateful that she has the team with her.

She said that the team has a very strong bond and are great on the court together.

Her family too have been a great support for her and her brother and sister are excited for her great success in the Fiji team.

She is honored and happy to have been given the opportunity to represent Fiji and is aiming to perform to the best of her abilities.

With a percentage rate of 85-90 in her shooting, Sorby is sure to be an asset to the national team.

"I know the competition will be stiff but we have been preparing well and we are all looking forward to doing our best out there," said Sorby.