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From Fiji Times Online (20 October 2010)

National reps Paul and Tieri Erasito take long course

by Emoni Narawa

NATIONAL reps Paul and Tieri Erasito won the long distance events to help Tritons club win the Fiji Swimming Long Course Nationals over the weekend.

The club bagged a massive 45 gold, 40 silver and 21 bronze medals. Tieri set a new national woman's 15-16 years old record in the 800 meters freestyle with a time of 10.27.94 seconds. She broke her own record of 10.30.29s.

Tritons swimming club president Glynis Miller said they had the objective of adding the championship to the short course which they earlier won in Nadi.

"The results speak for themselves," Miller said.

"We had a strategy in place to win this championship and our swimmers, particularly our senior swimmers, were placed in specific events as opposed to them swimming each and every event, thereby tiring themselves out in the process." Plus, the long distance has always been our forte," she said.

Head coach Eugene Panuve said the long hours of training paid off at the end of the day. "The tremendous support shown by the families of the swimmers played a large part in their success this weekend," he said. "Our younger swimmers did exceptionally well and must be commended for their performance," he said.