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From Fiji Times Online (12 December 2010)

Chongkit chases AFL dream

by Emoni Narawa

Jonathan Chongki, right, wants to make it big in AFL

FIJI Power AFL Under 16 fullback Jonathan Chongkit is eyeing an overseas contract on his return from the Oceania Championship in Tonga next week.

The 17-year old Rotuman is the only child in his family and has big dreams of turning professional in the sport.

Chongkit played locks for his U17 Cathedral Secondary School rugby team in the Deans competition.

He said playing AFL had brought about the best in him.

"I love playing AFL because it combines all skills like footsteps, passing and kicking which makes you a better player," Chongkit said.

"I started playing rugby at primary school and now I want to secure a contract abroad and also feature in the AFL competition with the likes of David Rodan Jnr and other Fijian players who are currently enjoying the game.

"My aim is to help Fiji win the tournament and also to pursue something for my career. This sport has a lot of scholarship on offer so I'm looking at capping off something from here."

He said Fiji had a higher chance of winning the Oceania championship.

"We had a very team here. I have faith in the boys and it's good that I'm playing for this team for the second time. I believe we have a good chance of winning this after some experience last year," he said.

"Now we are used to the sport and we are thankful to our coaches who have helped us a lot during our training sessions."

Fiji will play Nauru, Tonga and New Zealand in the Oceania championship in Tonga.

Fiji failed to win a match on their debut year in the code last year but the team management remain optimistic of a good outing in Tonga.