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From Fiji Times Online (25 March 2015)

Tonu makes a comeback

by Shalveen Chand

IN July 1978, Rigamoto Kafoa Tonu walked more than 200 kilometres to raise funds for his Kung Fu group.

That was then, now the 65-year-old is teaching karate in Rotuma and promises that the next four years will see karate athletes from the island represent Fiji at the Pacific Games.

"We came over for the national championship and I am happy with the way the youngsters have performed getting two gold, three silver and four bronze," Tonu said.

"I started karate in the island in 2013 when I returned there and now there are children in every village eager to learn.

"It is growing at a very fast rate and I have more than 100 students who want to learn karate. This is something discussed with the prime minister when he visited the island and he supports the initiative."

Tonu brought over five young athletes, 10-year-old Iliesa Hereniko and Stanisi Penesio and 12-year-old Jokil Rigamoto along with 15-year-old Emeli Penato and Miliame Hereniko.

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Karate pose

Iliesa Hereniko (left) with karate sensei Rigamoto Tonu (middle) with Stanisi Penesio stand firm in a kata pose.

Picture: Jovesa Naisua