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From Fiji Times Online (18 October 2015)

Vatukoula back to take part

by Kalesi Mele

THEY might be strapped for cash, but that did not dampen the spirits of those who travelled from Vatukoula to attend the Rotuma Games.

The annual event has emerged as a platform to gather Rotumans around the country and for the president of the Vatukoula Rotuma Association Fesaitu Lia non attendance was not an option especially seeing that they had not participated for more than a decade.

"We have just started to come back and participated after a long while and this is mostly the young ones who have spearheaded the trip.

"We had to fundraise to get here and these young kids through the Haihanisiga dance group held a concert, that's how much they wanted to come," she said.

Vatukoula brought five teams to compete in the variations of both volleyball and netball. Lia said the trip had been worth it.

"They (teams) have really enjoyed themselves. Majority of the members in our teams are students and it was difficult for us to come down," she said.

"The old ones have gone and it is these young ones that were determined to come despite the circumstances all for a chance to get to know the other Rotumans from around the country other than playing."

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