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From Fiji Times Online (24 October 2015)

Fatiaki ready for top battle

by Amit Raj

PROMISING bowler Nicola Fatiaki will be ready to do Fiji proud when she hits the greens for the World Junior Cup in Gold Coast, Australia next year.

"I'm still in shock," said the 18-year-old regarding her selection.

"It is overwhelming. With more training in the months ahead, I hope to become better."

Fatiaki said more youngsters needed to play bowls.

"I'd like to encourage more youths to come," she said.

"People should see bowling as other sports. It is really something that mostly youths don't look at.

"People think bowling is for the old. People think it's not physical, just walking up and down.

"But if you spend a whole day, a whole Saturday at the club playing, you will see how physical it is to actually walk up and down two hours, every four games.

"It's actually an interesting sport because we get to blend in with a lot of people. You get company and good food."

Fatiaki started bowling by playing in a business-house tournament where she represented the Geotech Drilling team. She is mentored by Charlotte Barnett.

"As I played, I started enjoying the game and bowling became my main sport.

"Now I have a lot of interest in the sport. In primary school, I represented my school in netball and swimming," the former Rishikul College student said.

"I'm a Rotuman. My dad's Rotuman-——Tuvaluan and my mum is Rotuman —— Fijian."

"I'll be going back to school next year. I'm interested in agriculture so I'm looking for something at Fiji National University."

The 2016 World Junior Cup will be played from April 9-15.

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