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From Fiji Times Online (22 November 2015)

Pau'u: I wanted to take something back to my island

By Kalesi Mele

RAFAEL Pau'u had to work hard in the final 200m stretch of the 800m race to earn himself and his island home Rotuma a gold medal.

Although seeking to secure the fourth lane from the heats, his placing in the final was one up that caused him to place more effort into making his wishes come true.

"It was very difficult for me placed in lane five I was planning to go to lane four but I didn't, it was very difficult for me but I was lucky and came first," he said. "I feel very excited, I wanted to take something back to my island, the island of Rotuma.

"They called me yesterday to wished me all the best and I said 'thank you' and that I would get the gold for Rotuma," he said.

Head coach David Pierri said while they had initially set out to win gold medals but they still grateful for the outcome at the end of competition. Rotuma won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal.

"We wanted two gold medals at this Chow Games but we fell short. We wanted to get one better because for the past two years we have been getting one gold," he said.

"It's a big achievement for us and it's a statement that we can achieve if we work hard," he said.

This year marks the first year the Rotuma team has been part of a national Primary School athletics competition. They competed at regional level for the past two years.

Pierri thanked their sponsors and all those who had supported the team.