English - Rotuman Wordlist

The English-Rotuman wordlist is based on C. Maxwell Churchward's Rotuman Grammar and Dictionary, first published in 1940. The dictionary in that publication lists Rotuman words and their English translations, but does not include an English to Rotuman counterpart. In collaboration with Elizabeth Kafonika Inia, Sofie Arntsen, Hans Schmidt, and Jan Rensel, I have compiled an English-->Rotuman word list to accompany Churchward's original dictionary. The combined listings were published as a book in 1998 by the Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, in Suva, Fiji. Ordering Information; Preview in Google Books

I have created a pdf file (3.2 mb) of the English to Rotuman wordlist that can be downloaded to your computer or tablet. The listing is 277 pages long and contains over 10,000 English words.
The document is searchable in both directions. You can do a "find" for an English word and see the Rotuman translation, or do a "find" for a Rotuman word and see the English translation. The wordlist is divided into three columns: (1) An alphabetized English column, (2) Rotuman translations of the English words without diacritics, but with straight apostrophes for glottal stops, and (3) Rotuman translations with Churchward's diacritics.

Alan Howard

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