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New Zealand Rotuman Gathering. Auckland 2001
Culture and Art Show

Marlene models an apei at the cultural show

Cutural fashion co-odinator Fesaitu Vaurasi,Munivai, Junior, and Marlene model Rotuman costume

Ladies craft

Our men don't make pretty women as Tony Tuatoko demonstrates

...but getting in touch with the feminine side is easily achieved

If you think golf is hard try this version (dress, gum boots & wig) it will increase your handicap
Entertainment & Dancing

Fanifau Konrote, and a member of his fan club Emi Scott promoting a healthy life style

Auckland's crew making sure everything runs smoothly, D.J Rhann, Munivai, Junior

Wellington group performance, staring Torika, Munivai and Phydallis

The best view is directly in the performers face

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