Commentary  on "Tebara Bus interested in servicing Rotuma"

It was only with the boat service, now it's the bus service. If the LTA story of the Tebara bus company proposal becomes reality, what a sad situation it will be. Sad because the people will have to depend on "others." Sad because the money they spend will be "leakage." Sad because the free service to the schools was unique, but no more. Sad because it was never their doing. Sad because it will be the beginning of the end for some very good things that are uniquely Rotuman. Sad because those who choose and decide for us have chosen the "others" side.

Once (upon a time) there were two green buses and no bus fares. That was then—those were the days! What a story and an achievement; where else in Fiji (and the world) do children travel to school for free? The school bus service was for free but the costs had to be met. Priorities were set and decisions made to promote education and extend assistance to the community. The funds were there, so were the skills and more importantly, the heart to do good. That is Rotuman, very Rotuman, don't you think?

Pasirio Kitione