By Sosefo Gordon, age 12
Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute
Franklin, Manitoba, Canada

My Vacation

On January 31st 2002 my family and I left our home to visit our cousins on Rotuma. It was a long time since we have seen them and I was really excited to see the again. The 48 hour plane ride was extremely boring but I slept most of the way so it wasn’t that bad. When we got there I could sort of remember things like the tiny airport and winding sand roads that went around the island. Everyone there was so happy to see us and so were we. After that we ate pig and taro. When we had to go to sleep I asked where do we sleep and they pointed at the floor I thought it was pretty crazy since I’m not used to it but I guess it would cost a lot with like 10 people living in the house. The next morning I was a little sore but that didn’t stop me from running around . My most favorite things to eat there were sugar cane and biscuits and other tropical fruit. On one of the days we spent there my brother and I went to school because my aunty taught there It was really neat and I had a lot of fun. All the Math and Language arts that they did in my grade I learned a year ago so everything was easy. It was fun because I met a lot of kids and they were all really nice to me. We all played a big soccer game at lunch and they were all awesome at it. After that we went back home and played cards. The next day we went back to school and we had another great day there they also did a dance for us during a class. On Another day we went on a tour around the island to many different places . The swimming was fun because the waves are gigantic. My brother uncle and I went spear fishing it was great and I caught 3 fish. The last day we spent there we planted coconut trees to see how big they would be when we go back . The last day was really emotional for all of us and it was a great vacation.