From Jacob Itautoka in Suva

Jacob & Rosie Catherine
Jacob and Rosie Catherine in Tahiti

Being a young Rotuman to represent Fiji at the Pacific Youth Festival in Papeete was a big achievement for me because it gave me the chance to do something for Rotuma. It’s important to inform people about small islands like Rotuma so that people will know that not only the bigger Pacific islands are beautiful physically and culturally. This trip was an eye opener for me. I got to meet other young people who actually look like me (like Rotumans). I also got to know what they are doing in their communities, whether they are helping to make a change or depending on their elders. That was a concern of interest to all Pacific Islanders. LajeRotuma Initiative was very famous in Tahiti because of the work we do for the island and the people. We were role models to the young people; they asked questions about how we managed to achieve our goals. Simple: if you are passionate about your homeland, nothing will stop you from doing things that contribute to the betterment of the community.

Young Rotumans can make a difference in their communities or island. I want to encourage all young Rotumans out there who are willing to help. If you love Rotuma feel free to e-mail me or anyone from LajeRotuma Initiative or Rosie Catherine. I would like to take this oppotunity to thank the  Ministry of Youth and Sports, LajeRotuma Initiative, Churchward Chapel Combine MYF, my family and friends. Have a blessed day/night and God bless you all.

Photos from Pacific Youth Festival