Elegy for Shirley Hefferman

by Harieta Vilsoni

22 March 2007 ... just heard news about one of my best friends back in fiji ... shirley.. died today from a fire at her home ... was really a bomber for me since she was one of my closest friends ... and my hockey mate ... felt so lost when i read my mail about her ... couldnt help myself but burst into tears ... didnt seem fair at all ....

Dedicated to Shirley Heffernan ... love yah doll 4-ever ... may you RIP

so many people
they come and disappear
they say
but quickly they fade away
then one day came
SHIRLEY decided to stay
she was indeed a friend
still is today
i remember the days
playing hockey
Shirley was my other wing
so breezy we'd play
laughing and cheering
clapping away
waiting for our next game
enjoying the day
sometimes we'd talk
about life that is
she was always someone
i can turn to
when ever im not feeling too good
she would give me advice
about my own life
i took it within
she will always be a part of me
TODAY as i sit and still
teary about her resting in peace
a thought of knowing her
a tear drop
describes she's HOME
i remember my last day
back in suva
getting ready to leave
where ive always known
SHIRLEY was there
to cuddle a farewell
along with Ana they
did come to say GOODBYE
was peckish in color
of a sadden goodbye
but a long line
of good friends
and her wave
her smile behind the sun
that rose always rises high
her face so brightly
she said BYE
didnt think
it would be the last
of seeing that pritiful luv
with every feeling thats missing
she filled up that hole

this is for you SHIRLS
for all of who you are
it may not be all
but im thank-full
i know your soul
RIP my luv
may i will find you
in time
but until now
you keep that


At Lautoka for hockey tournament
Me and Shirley

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