Good Old Days....

by Harieta Vilsoni

I'm here in Al Ain

Still with me
sweet memories of good old days
amongst the old hifau trees
running and dashing
like a fall won't bother

Just a touch of who will be the he
was all that mattered…….

The good old days
where our mapigas would
chase us to ao muaf
to clear all the ulu leaves
in case visitors strike our way

Or the Saturdays
during low tide when mummy
would take us up to the reef
for a swim and to catch fish

The ia' mia'ta
or the poraha
was the family's favourite
but mine was the polo

So tasty the meat is
just after catching it

We head home
to fun pan with
tapiko ma 'a 'ana
Yum yum!

How I still wish
the world can experience
the days I've traveled
walking with my cousins
from village to village
enjoying each breeze
the day brings

The times when daddy and I
ride on our bikes
playing he all the way
just to fetch his newspaper
to get a glimpse of the
new investigations

Or the times when I'd follow
my brother around
with his fellow friends
spearing fish with their ai kota
'e fan hanueta

Or the many times
I'd tag along with my older sis
playing volley and netball
learning new techniques
and enjoying each game
which led me to playing
in district tournaments
by the age of ten

I still miss those days
when dad and mummy
would take us the kids
se fan hanueta la kakou sas
teaching us the different fish names
which fish is safe to eat
and which that can kill within a sec

The hai ta was among the many
sea creatures along with the he'e, 'i'orta
And pa'ta
that am told not to play around with

I still remember the funny days
when during one of the family picnics
I followed my sister
to the wharf
where they'd jump off and swim during high tide
and I refused to go back to the shore
when suddenly she lifted me up
and threw me into the deep

Oh man that was when I really learnt
my strokes

Or the times
when I used to chase both my brother and sister
just for them to take me to fara
was a bit lalai at the time though
but would give anything
just to get back to that
good old life I had

So many good times I've spent on the island
ten whole years
I did spend my childhood
in a place that is always

Traveling abroad is always a clear view
but the best view
is standing at the ka'ta
a rocky bridge
where lulu beach facing
Split Island
Oh! What a beauty

Or the view of
in Motusa
With every reason to fall in love with the beauty
of the beach

Or the view at
the white clear sandy beach
with a glimpse of Haua Island

Such amazing sites
I would love to see one more time

I miss the Christmas holidays
when the clock strikes 6
we all disappear with our hafali
ready for fara
how much fun we'd have
roaming from place to place
cheering each family with a fara song

Or the times we'd run just to escape
the buckets of water
coming towards our way
good times…good times

I really miss the sea
when every afternoon
we'd gather at the 'aita
at Pep Haua
for a swim
joking with each other
telling sorts of funny stories

What a life I will always treasure

Photos from Al Ain, UAE