"A Perfect Birthday"

by Harieta Vilsoni

At the age of ten
All I wanna to be
Was sweet sixteen

And then came
April the 15th, 2006
16 candles awaits
Ready to be lit

So make a wish
I whispered
Within my feelings

The many things
That the world
Could have given me
But I only seek
For that one good reason

It was during that month
When mum came down
And two days after
Little Syl blew her 10th candle

It was more of a family reunion
Joined by Moira and
Precious Anne-Mary
Just like the picture perfect
I once dreamt before
My birthday

It was such an exciting new week
That I decided to have a new look
Now a year older
I'm feeling good as ever

It was all I ever wanted
For a perfect birthday
With my family at each end
My friends with a helping hand
And sports to play
With school so great..
What else can I say?
But with a smile each dayJ