by Harieta Vilsoni

Sometimes in life
When it is hard to find
A friend on your side
There is always
A mum and a dad
To help you understand
The tough road
You have yet to challenge

Or when you find yourself
Feeling left out from a clan
There is always a man
Standing in the gates of heaven
Waiting for you to call to him
With many blessings
He'll cure your sadness

Or the times when you cry
With tears in your eyes
Thinking of negativity
With no positive sign
There is always a place
To help release your stress
There is no place just like it
It’s a home away from all

Or the days when you hide
From people who laughs inside
As they turn with
Their half hearted smiles
Don’t be so dumb
And fall for their charms
But be true to yourself
And keep saying you'll be fine

But you know
In times like this
It is not always nice
To keep hiding from
The outside life

So take a breath
And think twice next time
Before you choose a path
But this time
Do it with a smile