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From Fiji Times Online (18 July 2013)

Akata Aisea

Defying age with a busy mind

by Repeka Nasiko

FOR 70-year-old Akata Aisea of the Navakai HART community in Nadi, keeping busy has been an essential part of keeping old age at bay.

Ms Aisea, who is originally from Rotuma, believes one of the secrets to having a long healthy life is "keeping your mind busy".

The Fiji Times ran into the elegantly dressed lady at the 2013 Vodafone Bula Festival women's craft show at the Nadi Civic Centre.

With her handmade work of beautifully crafted voivoi bags, hats and Rotuman tefui neatly displayed at her table, Ms Aisea said the work had been her source of income and, as she puts it, "sanity".

"I need this," she said.

"I do it because I need to keep myself busy and this helps keep my brain functioning. I live alone so this is my only source of income.

"It's not a bad way to earn money because it's something that I enjoy doing."

The craft show attracted about 20 women from around the Nadi area. . .

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