Photos of Fatnefau 


2nd from left in the back row during her short term as a theatre nurse at Lautoka Hospital


Fanifau in center, with short haircut


The Rotuman women's basketball team in Suva
Fatnefau first from left in back row

Fatnefau playing guitar

Playing the guitar at a party in Suva, 1959

Marriage to Alf Bentley

Wedding photo with Alf Bentley

With husband Alf Bentley

With husband Alf Bentley


Strolling down a street in Waikiki 


On her 90th birthday, with grandson Raymond Leslie

Strolling in Waikiki

Fanefau on her 95th birthday with caregiver grand niece Rosarine left and niece Raelene right,
28 October 2021

Fatnefau's parents

Fatnefau's parents Akanisi Farpapa╩╗u & Maraf Fatiaki