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From Fiji Times Online (22 April 2009)

Fesaitu Kant: Woman in a man's world

By Sheetal Singh

Fesaitu Kant

BEING a woman working in an industry that is widely dominated by men has not deterred Fesaitu Kant.

Ms Kant is an accounts administrative with Mahogany Industries Ltd based in Lautoka.

She was part of the exporters workshop held in Nadi yesterday.

"I am involved with the administration work of the company, which mostly deals with shipment and supplying of our goods," she said.

"I got involved with the export side of the business after I was approached to attend this workshop and it has been an eye-opener for all the participants attending it."

With only three women participating in the Fiji Export Council's workshop held in Nadi, Ms Kant said there was a need for more women to show interest into the export business.

"Women can get the job done equally efficient as any men so we need to encourage women to venture into such sectors," she said.

Ms Kant said the company was initially targeting the local resorts as its major clients but that has changed since last year. She said the company has ventured into the German market by establishing a warehouse in Germany.

"We have tapped into the German market where our client base will be upper market and custom design furniture supplied," Ms Kant said.

When asked about the export industry in Fiji, Ms Kant believes the need to share information within the export sector was important.

She said there was a need to move away from the mindset that information has to be kept secret.

"If by sharing information two exporters can help each other by getting the job done at a lower cost then both gain from this sharing of information," she said.

Ms Kant said she hopes to go back to her job and incorporate keys issues learnt to help contribute towards Fiji's export industry.

Note: Fesaitu is from Mal'ia, Oinafa; she is the daughter of Taito Fatiaki and Mareta Makrava.

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