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Freddy Kafoa Crocker

I came here to Honiara in the Solomon Islands in March 2008 after 17 years of service in the Computer Industry in Fiji. I started my career in IT working for the Ministry of Finance EDP Services (now the ITC) in Suva in 1990.

In 1991 I joined Pro Systems Pacific Limited before joining the Digital NZ Cooperation in 1994. In 1998 Compaq Australia merged with Digital (before Hewlett Packard-Australia) taking over the operations in 2003. In 2006 Fijian Holdings took over the HP operations in Fiji under their IT business firm Clariti South Pacific Limited.

I worked for Clariti South Pacific as the Manager Operations for Service and After Sales Support for two years before moving off shore to join Daltron, which is now the leading ICT Company in the Pacific. I helped established the service business and build the company here since opening office in November 2007.

Now, after two years of work, Daltron is a leading name in IT in Honiara and I am honored to be a Rotuman who can contribute to a developing country.

My wife and I helped revive touch rugby in the Solomons since the time of ethnic tension. We very much enjoy our pastime organizing the sport and bringing together the youths of different ethnic groups.

Work and life was challenging in the beginning for our family, but we never gave up the fight and we are all happy that we have now settled in well.

The Crocker family in Honiara
Children ready for school at the Woodford International School. Krystal, Grade 9; Gerdrick, Grade 8; and Leeparnia, Grade 4
Getting ready for rugby Usual dinner dish, no different from back home. Betty, Leeparnia and Tony
Missing our tahroro away from home Ah, yum!


image of a home