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From Fiji Times Online (15 August 2013)

Positive attitude

by Daniel Naidu

Fiji Times IT personnel Georgina Sakimi is part of the IDEA program. Picture: Ivamere Rokovesa

BORN with Bilateral Congenital Talipes, Georgina Sakimi, 30, has been able to remain positive and today works as a software programmer.

Speaking to The Fiji Times through the Include Disability Employ this Ability (IDEA) program, Ms Sakimi explains the condition which makes it difficult for her to walk, saying "instead of a ball and socket joint I have a square and socket in my ankle."

Growing up in Suva, she attended Suva Crippled Children's School (now Hilton Special School), before attending Suva Grammar.

She studied computing science and information systems at USP, pursuing software development, and she graduated in 2008.

Following her graduation, she worked at places such as ITC Services and FNPF, before her current position at The Fiji Times.

While Ms Sakimi says she has faced challenges in her life, adding her positive attitude and belief in God has kept her going.

"No matter how hard circumstances are, I keep reminding myself that God is there," Ms Sakimi said.

She said discrimination had not been a huge challenge for her, and that today's society was "educated and understanding".

"Even then people do see me as different, not actually normal, so I have learned to expect some reaction from them."

She said in becoming a software developer, she chose a career path that was suitable to her, and also something different, which helped her.

"I failed in the first few attempts, so I'm definitely not a genius, but one thing that kept me strong was my parents, their willingness to support me through my education."

She hopes her story can be an inspiration to the many disabled people in Fiji, and her advice to them is not to be frightened of trying anything new.

"Draw from the community around you when you need help, don't bottle everything inside of you, don't be scared of asking for help from anyone, including God," she said.

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