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8 April 2010

Mark Fesaitu Vaurasi is currently the Deputy Manager of the Royal New Zealand Naval Armament Depot, North Shore City, Auckland, where he is responsible for General Administration, Human Resources Management, Training, Security, Facilities Maintenance, Biosecurity; and continuous improvement issues within the RNZNAD.

Mark retired from the New Zealand Army in October 2003 after completing 30+ years military service (includes initial 5 years secondment from RFMF while undergoing NZ Cadet Training) to take up a role in the NZ Aviation Security Service for 12 months with the view of becoming an Air Marshall, followed by employment with the NZ National Bank in October 2004; before returning to the NZ Defence Force in May 2005. His more recent appointments include a posting to the New Zealand Embassy, New Zealand Defence Staff in Washington DC, USA, and prior to that he was employed at Development Branch, Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force.

“..After starting my military career in New Zealand as an Armourer way back in 1972, when I was a young 16 year old cadet, then moved on to career paths in Training, Personnel Administration, Human Resources Management etc, I am lucky to be employed in my current position. ---- how events and my military career and life had taken a complete full circle and to return and work alongside Explosives Technicians and Navy Weapons Technicians - Armourers..”.

Mark & others

Left to right: Mark Vaurasi (Deputy Manager), Rear Admiral Tony Parr, MVO (4th from left).

Fiji Times article

2 March 2018

How Time flies…This Fiji Times newspaper article was sent to me last night by John Taito whom I've just added as a friend. We met in Suai, East Timor (ET) in 2000 while I was serving with the NZ Defence Force (NZDF). Others that I met in ET were my close friend, Officer Commanding Fiji Battalion Major Kafoa (RIP), Major Ned Taito, SSgt Mika Filipe and John Taito still in the Republic Fiji Military Forces (30 years). As for the article.. we (3 of us from QVS retired Maj Colati and Maj Sikivou, Maj Mike Kau RIP is from Natabua) served 5 years with the NZDF including the NZ Army Cadets School and on completion of our training served with other NZDF units. On our return to Fiji my three colleagues served their 5 years bond with the RFMF whilst I paid my bond and left to join the NZ Army. After 26 years in the NZ Army I joined NZ Foreign Affairs and served in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Now I'm back with the NZDF albeit as a civilian working with the NZDF Attaché' in Suva, Fiji.

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