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From Fiji Sun (September 4 2022)

Rani Atalifo

Former Fiji Sun Journalist Enjoys Retirement In Rotuma

A former journalist from the old Fiji Sun in the 1970s is relishing her retirement in Rotuma.

By Josefa Babitu

Rani Atalifo

A former journalist from the old Fiji Sun in the 1970s is relishing her retirement in Rotuma.

Rani Atalifo worked at the newspaper company for five years, starting as a sales representative before she fell in love with journalism.

"Back in the days, it was really just us and our books with a short-hand kind of writing to get the news of the day. I enjoyed those days," she said.

The 72-year-old started her journalism career in her early 30s after spending more than a decade in the tourism industry.

She is from Oinafa Village.

"I only wished I had started writing earlier on in life, but when I discovered my new passion, I tried to enjoy every bit of it," she reminisced. "The late Fiji Sun chief executive officer and publisher, Peter Lomas, was the Sports Editor when I was there.

"I moved to Australia with my husband afterwards, but my journalism career changed back in the good old days."

Ms Atalifo found a job at a local newspaper in Australia, but she had to do other desk jobs apart from writing.

Years later, she moved to England and also searched for work in the media industry.

She was offered a job also at a newspaper company in Liverpool, but the conditions were considered dangerous.

"I was offered a night job in which I had to go to some places that were dangerous for me," she said.

"I was afraid to do that job because of my skin colour and other things that come with it and so I turned it down and moved back to Australia soon after."

She ventured into the business world by helping her husband run a business.

They have four children.

"I have decided to come back to my village and enjoy the peaceful life here. I have been here since December last year," she said.

Her advice to young journalists is to 'go for it'.

Ms Atalifo said journalists must love what they do as it would help build good storytellers as time goes by.

image of a home