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The photo essay below is the seventeenth and final installment of a personal account of my two years in Fiji and Rotuma from October 1959 through August 1961. The main purpose of this project is to provide photographic images that might be of interest to contemporary Rotumans.

I have forgotten the names of some of the people who appear in the photos and would welcome your help in identifying them. Information identifying people should be sent to <> Please identify the photos by the numbers (#) in the captions.

Episode 17: Levuka and Cawaci

After leaving Rotuma at the end of December 1960 I returned to Suva, where I stayed until August 1961. During that time I visited several other places in Fiji, including Levuka, where I stayed at the hostel operated by Dr. Aisea Erasito and his wife Marieta. I spent one day at the Catholic Mission Station at Cawaci, where several Rotuman nuns were in residence, including Sister Theophile (Rarikue), Sister Mary Francis Assisi (Mereana), Sister Mary Bernadine (Agsela), and Sister Mary Felicia (Lusia Mafai). Sister Mary Viana (Monika Marieta) was teaching at the Loreto School. There were several Rotuman novices at Cawaci as well.




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