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From Freddy Kafoa (20 December 2009)

Rotuman Lass Rebecca Lemeki Does Family Proud

While everyone is more focused on other sports, hockey in Fiji has found a new ambassador.
Rebecca Lemeki and Piko Semisi were the only Rotumans to represent the Fiji Presidents side during the Oceania Cup Hockey tournament. Rebecca managed to score the only goal against a strong New Zealand Maoris team—the tournament favorites—who won by a score of seven to one.
Of Rotuman heritage from the `Ai Lala clan from Motusa, Itu`ti`u, Rebecca is the eldest daughter of Tony and Tupou Lemeki, who lead the Ra‘esea Sports Club in Suva, which is affiliated with the Fiji Rotuma Sports Council. Rebecca is the great-granddaughter of the late Gagaj Taksas and Kijiana from Itu`ti`u. From a sporting background family, her love of field hockey began when she was young. Her tactical skills, speed and aggressiveness derive from a combination of her Rotuman heritage and her mother’s Fijian side, with links to Nukuloa, Gau & Nabudrau, and Noco in Rewa.
Last weekend she was presented with a  certificate by the Oceania Hockey President recognizing her as a Youth Volunteer who gives her time and expertise to coach young players/teams, as well as for umpiring and technical officiating.

She hopes to have more opportunities to play abroad against high level competition in order to improve her skills.