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From Fiji Sun (28 April 2012)

Outfits for Rotuma athletes

Source: Post Fiji


The Rotuma High School team with their uniforms presented by Post Fiji.

Photo: Post Fiji

Students of Rotuma High School braved an arduous journey, being the team to have travelled the furthest to participate in the 2012 Coca-Cola Games.

The excitement among the team rose even more with the generous presentation of uniforms, comprised of tracksuits, track shoes, Tee-shirts and bags, from Post Fiji on Thursday.

Post Fiji manager retail operations, Isaac Mow, highlighted the importance of maintaining a positive balance while students journey through the education system.

Mow elaborated on the need for encouraging students to excel both academically, as well as physically by participating in sporting events as such, events that enhance teamwork and social development.

Post Fiji has continuously strived to ensure that the needs of students are met not only through their service offerings, but also through its engagement in community enhancement. With this boost to the students of Rotuma High School, Post Fiji has again shown commitment to reaching out to members of our community, whose appreciation was evident by the wide smiles during the presentation on Thursday.