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From Alfred Iane Ralifo (30 September 2010)

On Saturday the 26th of September, Monifa and I on behalf of LajeRotuma Initiative travelled to Botaira Eco-Resort on Naviti in the Yasawa group of islands with Viliame Koyamaibole to meet with representatives of Tikina Naviti Conservation Initiative (TNCI). During the meeting, a MOU was signed between LRI and TNCI officially sealing the partneship between these two Initiatves that started two years ago.

LRI will share our expereinces and lessons learnt through our work with the community of Rotuma by providing technical assistance to TNCI through the various activities that they have planned in their quest to sustainably manage their natural resources and protect their unique island biodiversity.

One of the contributing factors to the sustainability of LajeRotuma Initiative over the last nine years is that the programmes that were implimented on the island of Rotuma are replicable and it is our greatest pleasure to reach out and assist another similar island community who is also taking the initiative to protect their natural and cultural heritage.

It is with great hope that this cultural exchange opportunity between these two Initiatives will benefit both the island communities of Rotuma and Naviti and will be the beginning of a network of Community Based Organisations from various islands within Fiji, the Pacific and the whole world.


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