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From Henry Enasio [Rotumans on Facebook] (11 January 2022)

Six people at Ahau, Motusa and Savlei have got Coronavirus as of this afternoon and the following appropriate actions been taken.

Effective immediately from today for the island:

  • 1. All church services have been suspended till further notice.
  • 2. All mass gatherings are now restricted to 20 who are supposed to be within the same bubble - no one from outside.
  • 3. All fundraising permits have now been suspended till further notice.
  • 4. Movements and travel from one district to another is now restricted. Only government officials will be allowed to carry out the necessary tasking in regards to this operation. District chiefs will make sure that this is strictly followed. This is to allow our SDMO and his team to carry out necessary testing and tracing within the next few days.
  • 5. SO and his team will enforce the wearing of masks associated with strict penalties in all public places.
  • 6. Check points will be activated by police at both entrances to Ahau from next week.

From Fiji Times (29 December 2021)

Residents spread festive cheer

By Wanshika Kumar

Fara time in Fiji

It was a day of song and dance for Navua residents with Rotuman links as their kinfolk from Suva travelled in numbers to spread the festive cheer.

The "Fara" celebrations on Monday began in the morning at Pacific Harbour and ended at Joji Fonmoa's residence at Tokotoko, along the Queen's Highway.

From Fiji Sun (23 December 2021)

Online Learning System To Help Keep iTaukei Culture Alive

President Ratu Wiliame Maivalili Katonivere launched the 'Solesau' online learning management system on Monday night.

The system focuses on educating people on the iTaukei culture and tradition, language, norms and values.

The online learning management system was one of the three key milestones for the iTaukei Trust Fund Board (TTFB).

Ratu Wiliame said the launch satisfies one of the board's key mandate which is "to develop and facilitate initiatives that will improve the quality of life and enhance cultural traditions and values of iTaukei and Rotumans through culture, heritage and language programmes".

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