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From Fiji Times Online (5 March 2013)

Tikina prepares for reef survey

by Geraldine Panapasa

IT'S all about properly managing environmental resources for a sustainable future for stakeholders of the Tikina Naviti Conservation Initiative (TNCI) as they prepare for a week-long marine ecological survey of surrounding reefs and community-endorsed tabu areas of Naviti Island in the Yasawa Group.

The initiative, a partnership with dive operators and resorts on Naviti, would work alongside LäjeRotuma Initiative (LRI) - a community-based environmental education and awareness development program in Rotuma tasked with facilitating the training of community divers in coral reef survey skills.

TNCI's Viliame Koyamaibole said the main objective of the initiative was to strengthen community capacity to sustain initiated project activities independently.

Mr Koyamaibole, who co-ordinates and manages the program for TNCI, said the goal was to ensure natural resources and biodiversity available on Naviti were not diminished but enhanced through better resource management.

LRI co-ordinator, environmental consultant and climate adaptation planner Monifa Fiu said they had worked with TNCI over the past four years and were looking forward to the exciting venture.

"LäjeRotuma Initiative partnered with TNCI to share our experiences with the eco-camp. This model was developed in Rotuma for the primary schools in mid-2000," she said.

"It was to encourage a culture of biodiversity conservation. The activities were very innovative and field-oriented, so all the learning was experienced, it was never theorised and provided almost a value-added approach to what the kids learnt in school already."

See Report with photos by Monifa Fiu


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