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From Fiji Times Online (22 April 2013)

Faces of climate change

by Monifa Fiu

People's perceptions of climate change are often interpreted through personal life histories and experiences of daily interactions with their natural surroundings.

Today marks Earth Day, an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for protecting the planet and securing our sustainable future. Consider an act today and be part of more than a billion acts all over this planet on this very day.

For Earth Day 2013, the theme is about The Face of Climate Change where we telling the world our stories of people, animals and places affected by climate change - and of those stepping up to do something about it.

This article is about my people's story of changes manifested in their daily lives that by what means they have learned to cope thus far and celebrate the gifts of land, fertile soil, clean water, clear lagoons white sandy beaches and green forests.

I believe there are many inspiring voices such these who have decided to do something with our own small ways.

Fapufa Village on the remote western end of Rotuma replanted 750 seedlings of papai or via plants in their remnant swamp pits as a means to secure their crop supply for the next 10-15 years. The women of Rotuma in their efforts to understand their stewardship roles and responsibilities are involved in restoration activities of replanting indigenous seedlings whilst exploring traditional useful practices the young could learn from the elders.

reef fishing

"Just over the tidepools, we would be able to fish enough for our families, gleaning off the tide pools and the fringing reef near where we live ? now we must venture further near the pass of the fringing reef and the seaweed is not so abundant"

* Monifa Fiu is an environmental consultant and climate adaptation planner. She is also the co-ordinator for LajeRotuma Initiative. Email: monifafiu@gmail.com.


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