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From Monifa Fiu (21 July 2014)

Rotuma day primary school display, 13 May 2014

This year our display was organised differently. The four primary schools were asked to contribute to the Rotuma Day display at Ahau grounds during the celebrations. Three of the schools showcased each of their adopted habitats: Motusa District School showcased a seagrass area with a filled tub of sand, seawater and seagrass. Malhaa District school created a photo display of what the children found during its reef excursions and Christ the King Mission school brought a model of its beach profile with labels on what to be seen during a beach walk. Lasting impressions of the day for all who visited the displays were of the children's creativity to translate their knowledge and understanding of each studied environment and to communicate messages of protection and awareness to manage well Rotuma's natural resources.  LajeRotuma acknowledges the support of teachers in supervising the children with these projects, continuing to partner with out environmental awareness and education initiatives.


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