LäjeRotuma Initiative

Alice Cibois at Mamasa

Research is being carried out by Alice Cibois, as part of a larger study on Polynesian birds with a focus on biographical history of the land birds. With the support of the Pacific Secretariat of Birdlife International and National Trust of Fiji, LajeRotuma was asked to facilitate field logistics. Alice and her assistant Jean-Claude (as seen in the picture being accorded mamasa) will be on Rotuma from 21 September until 12 October. Rupeti Vafoou, LRI field coordinator will be their community liaison and field assistant learning as much about the birds of the island. We see this opportunity to increase our knowledge of island birds and our iconic Armea (Rotuman myzomela), thus  explore the linkages on how to revive a culture of biodiversity conservation. For daily updates from the field, please visit Lajerotuma FB page.


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