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During the week of 15 - 22 April, two communities in Fiji will coordinate activities that will coincide with Earth Day celebrations held across the world to take a stand in protecting local marine environments. Rotuma, along with Macuata in the province of Macuata -- an area that is host to the third longest barrier reef in the world, the Great Sea Reef locally known as Cakau Levu -- will be joining tens of thousands of divers, community groups, schools, park managers and many others to participate in activities geared towards protecting their local marine environment.

LäjeRotuma is organising a school outreach program for Rotuma during the month of April dedicated to the protection of the local marine environment. The coral reef that fringes Rotuma Island provides protection and performs a significant ecological function within the island system, vital to an island community isolated by ocean and dependent on marine resources for its very sustenance! A main activity includes a coastal cleanup, which will be a community initiative. In addition, the LRI team on the island will be working with schools to coordinate sessions promoting the role of the marine environment.

For more details on Dive In To Earth Day, please visit www.coral.org/divein. If you would like to contribute in kind by donating prizes for the school program, please contact me for more details on how you can support the Rotuma Earth Day event.

LajeRotuma joins the CORAL network, which coordinates Dive In To Earth Day in partnership with Project AWARE Foundation, with the support of the West Marine, Earth Day Network and the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN).

For further information contact Monifa Fiu at lajerotuma@unwired.com.fj

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