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NGO Pacific Leadership and Management Training Workshop, Motupore Island, Papua New Guinea, 26-30 November, 2012

Rupeti Vafoou's Reflective Journal

Monday 26th November  2012

Today I was given an exercise to explore the Mclelands model for which fifteen statements were provided and I was to circle the number which most closely agrees with how I feel. My results were then plotted into three columns of achievement, power and affiliation described as the three factors leading to peoples' motivation, identified by Macleland [1965]. My results proved that I was more of an achiever. I believe that to be successful in my career I must know what motivates me to do the work I do. This would be a very good exercise to work with my team so that they get to understand what really motivates them. LäjeRotuma can engage newly recruited volunteers in this exercise to assess motivation needs of volunteers before confirming their roles in the organization and designing a model for our activities to suit everyone thus secure volunteers.

Tuesday 27th November 2012

The key learning for me this day was the group work in preparing an induction program for a scoping specialist. I learnt a whole lot of things while preparing the program with the group. This was my first experience in preparing an induction program but what really captured my attention today was when one of my group member coached me on presentation techniques. I actually enjoyed it because she taught me tips such as trying to understand the presentation and learning to use my own words whilst maintaining eye contact with my audience to capture their attention. Learning to speak loud and clear, emphasizing on key words to highlight a point in the presentation plus more tips! Even though I have done presentations before I realized that I lacked a few of the presentation techniques which I worked on during our group presentation and enjoyed. This will be an important tool for my organization to try out because in our field work we do lots of presentations.

Wednesday 28th November 2012

Today's exercise was about the tripod/triangle about people management. The three stages described were tasking, tending and trusting, whereby during this exercise we were told to draw a garden on how our organization currently look like. After doing my drawing I realized that LäjeRotuma is very good in the parts of tendering and trusting. For example, coaching where new skills are needed as well as a culture of sharing responsibilities and cooperation. I recognize that my organization is lacking the tasking aspects on clear definitions of work to be done in advance that can add value to the organizations' performance in future. I know this will be a good exercise for my organization because then we get to monitor our individual performances and the organization's performance just by using this exercise. I will get everyone in the team to try it out and see for themselves about their performances.

Thursday 29th November 2012

Conflicts between team members can either have positive or negative impacts. I learnt that conflicts can strengthen bonds between team members learning from each other's mistakes positively, or damages a relationship resulting in allies being formed in the work-place creating communication breakdown. My key learning for the day was when doing the exercise on conflict mode instrument designed by Kenneth Thomas and Rhaph Kilmann which helped me identify my method of solving conflicts. From the five methods of accommodating, collaborating, compromising, competing and avoiding, my results indicated that my method of solving conflicts was about avoiding. I usually avoid conflicts or divert dealing with conflicts to whomever I think can manage the conflict, but after today's lessons I have learnt the skills to manage conflicts. To be a good leader/manager I realized that managing conflicts must be one of the skills to gain and will share with my coordinator to enable us to have the courage and deal with team conflicts when the need arises. Even though it will take time and patience to master this skill, I am looking forward to implementing it in my organization as the saying goes 'practice makes perfect'.

Friday 30th November 2012

One of the tools of peer mentoring is a think tank. I was given the opportunity to talk about my organization without interruption. I shared the strategic people issues in my organization, our strengths and challenges for LäjeRotuma. An example was describing ideas about an action plan for the challenge commenting on team management as well. my partner then ask questions for clarifications to help him understand my situation then we had an open discussion, sharing stories, identifying options then sharing advise. I realized that this will be a valuable tool we can use in our organization as it helps to identify our current situation and positio. I believe this is important for everyone in the organization to know as this gets everyone to support each other to improve our performance and maintain the goals and values of my organization.

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