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The Rotuman Forum is a webpage where viewpoints on Rotuman history, culture, language and politics can be posted. The purpose of the Forum is to give Rotumans, and other interested parties, an opportunity to share their views regarding matters of concern to the global Rotuman community. The Forum is managed by Alan Howard and Jan Rensel who ask that submissions be respectful to the views of others. We will not post views that indulge in name-calling or use insulting language. With those exceptions, we will post submissions in either Rotuman or English. In order to avoid embarrassment, we edit English submissions for spelling and grammar and post them after the edited versions have been approved by the author. Submissions may be sent by e-mail to Rotuman_Forum. Please identify the forum in which you would like your submission to be posted.


Issues of Concern About the Proclamation of Sovereignty
The Coup in Fiji Lagfatmaro
Land Disputes Rotuman Independence
Rotuman History Rotuman Identity
Environmental Concerns Tourism on Rotuma
Problems of Youth on Rotuma Parliamentary Representation
Why not Fiji and Rotuma? Developing Rotuma
The Dominion of Melchizedek and Rotuman Secession Should the Rotuma Hospital have a Morgue?
On the Legitimate Aspirations of the Rotuman People Thoughts about Rotuma by a Returning Daughter

Fishing Rights of Indigenous People

On having a Rotuman Gallery at Fiji Museum Rotuman Land Commission
Rotuma Investment Ltd Thoughts of Rotuma
On the Use of the Rotuman Language Rotumans Lost at Sea
Rotumans as a Blessed People The Forgotten Women of Our Community
Electrifying Rotuma A Boat for Rotuma
The Question of Leadership The problem of Kava Drinking
Lest We Forget Preserving Rotuman Culture
Rotuma's Energy Problems Life Behind the Scenes in Rotuma
Fiji Election of 2006 On the Governance of Rotuma
Are Rotumans Indigenous to Fiji? Getting Fuel to Rotuma
The 2006 Coup in Fiji What to do about the Bulou-Ni-Ceva
Is biofuel the answer to Rotuma's fuel problems? Is the Council of Rotuma financially compliant?
Would Fiji’s reform via the Peoples Charter marginalise Rotumans? Internet Access on Rotuma
On Starting Cottage Industries on Rotuma Safeguarding Rotuma's Interests in Fiji's Constitutional Review 2012
Modern Rotuman Tattoos Authenticity of the Rotuman Tefui
Air Service to and From Rotuma Rotuma Bill 2015 and Rotuma Land Bill 2015

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