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Historical Photos

Twenty-six photos by A.M. Hocart from Turnbull Library in Wellington (1913-1914)

Eleven additional photos by A.M. Hocart from the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, U.K.

Ninety-one photos from the Marist Archives in Rome dating back to the 1920s

Fifty photos taken by Dr. H.S. Evans in 1940

Seven photos of Rotuman gravestones on Thursday Island, with inscriptions, taken by Sosefo Inoke.

Opening of Council House in 1971

Seventeen photos from the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, UK dating back to 1873

Photo essays from Alan Howard's visit to Fiji and Rotuma from 1959 to 1961

Photos by Richard Mehus during his stay on Rotuma as a Peace Corps Volunteer from Jan 1972 to Dec 1974

Six sets: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Photos from 1981 centennial celebration of Rotuma's cession to Great Britain

Photos from Fiji Museum

Photo of WW2 Rotuman Veterans

Photos by Visitors

Photos by Rocky John Peters (January 1998)
Photo Montages by Alan Howard
(July-August 1998)
Photos by Seth Pershan
July 2000

Photos by Ian Osborn (1996)

Scenes from a wedding by Nancy Smith (December 2000)


Photos from Anneke Martine's visit to Rotuma in September 2004

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