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Island Legacy: A History of the Rotuman People

by Alan Howard and Jan Rensel

Island Legacy is now available for downloading free of charge. You can download it chapter by chapter or the complete volume all at once. The complete volume is a large file (26.9MB), so you should be sure your server can handle a file of that size before attempting to download it.

Foreword (1.0MB)

Preface (.6MB)

Chapter 1 Ecology and Early History (1.7MB)

Chapter 2 A Land of Plenty (1.8MB)

Chapter 3 The Social Order (1.2MB)

Chapter 4 Creativity in Arts and Crafts (3.4MB)

Chapter 5 Expanding Horizons (1.1MB)

Chapter 6 The Missionary Experience: Transforming the Rotuman Religious Imagination (2.1MB)

Chapter 7 Religious Strife (1.7MB)

Chapter 8 Cession and the Early Colonial Period (1.0MB)

Chapter 9 The Evolution of Authority during the Colonial Period(1.5MB)

Chapter 10 Economic Transitions (2.3MB)

Chapter 11 Population and Health (2.5MB)

Chapter 12 Postcolonial Rotuma (3.5MB)

Chapter 13 Rotuma and Fiji (1.5MB)

Chapter 14 Rotuman Identity in a Global Community (1.1MB)

Appendices (.4MB)

Bibliography and Index (.2MB)

Complete Volume of Island Legacy (27.0MB)

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