Come wake me up. Come any hour of night. Come whistling up the road. Stomp on the porch. Bang on the door. Make me get out of bed and come.
(Robert Francis: ‘Summons’)

A Summon by Mere Taito

A wind, whistled and hailed
hears the havoc of heaven
Grapes full and pailed
Refuse the stomp of St Beven!
Angels who burp and fart at  the table
O’ how could they be able?!!!!
Forgetting manner and grace
Yanking wings and feathers
Tearing His cloth of lace!
Pinching patience to smithereens and tethers!

Come  wind , come!
Carry me far
To sunny places of ‘please’ and ‘ta’
People of  Faieksias! and then some.

Hasten now!
Tuck me into Hafleua’s gap
Do it now, before I, most certainly snap!
Bed me gently in a risipak thatch
Away from burping, now that’s the catch
Dip me into Fuli’u’s pool
My wounds of frustration they need to cool
Quickly now to Maftoa’s  ‘napple wine!
To shame the grape, a bloody stubborn vine!
Swiftly ahead!
To Oinafa’s beach
I, God give you speed!
With Sheldon, guava and juicy peach,
I hence lay and quietly read.

Leave me be now and here
Run along that’s a dear,
Blow on your way I say!
My wrath and fury if you stay!