Alan ma Jan Literary Competition


The Alan ma Jan Literary Competition for 2004 was only moderately successful. We were disappointed that there were so few entries in the Open Categories of Rotuman and English Poetry, and truly surprised that no short stories meeting our criteria were submitted.

To read the prize-winning poems for 2004 by category go to:

  1. Rotuma High School Rotuman Poetry
  2. Rotuma High School English Poetry
  3. Primary School English Poetry
  4. Open Category Rotuman Poetry
  5. Open Category English Poetry


The Alan ma Jan Literary Competition for 2005 was again a disappointment because there were so few submissions. We know that there is a lot of talent out there, but apparently something in the Rotuman character--a basic shyness about putting oneself in the public eye, perhaps?--has kept people from submitting their work to us. As a result, we have decided no longer to sponsor such competitions.

Our goal has been to stimulate Rotumans, and Rotuman youths in particular, to express themselves in poetry and prose. We will always welcome poetry and stories by Rotumans of any age to the Rotuma Website, including works of fiction.

The Youth Corner is a place for youngsters under the age of 18 to submit poetry, stories, or works of art that they would like to share with other Rotuman youths.

We have also established a separate Rotuman Literature Section containing submissions in both Rotuman and English.

To read the prize-winning entries for 2005 by category go to:

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  3. Short Stories