Alan ma Jan Literary Competition 2004

Primary School, English Poetry

First Prize

Olivia Parker
Motusa, Itu'ti'u


My island is full of coconut trees
Swaying in the breeze
Shiny and silvery in the sun
like the hair of a Rotuman princess

It’s the tree of life of my people
from the mountains to the beach
they grow wildly and free.

Second Prize

Sariah Bruksila
Ahau, Itu'ti'u


Pineapples are sweet
Under the sun’s heat
When they’re ripe they are yellow
And I pick them with my fellows

So many pineapples
to eat and give away
Even to my families far away.


Third Prize

Elaine Maria
Maftoa, Itu'muta


White sandy beaches
full of little creatures
Running and playing under the moon
While the waves crash on the beach.

Poor little creatures
So frightened of me
Fast on their little feet
They run into their homes.